Travel Documents Required

Note: A Passport is NOT required for students traveling to Canada by bus. (Land Travel)

Native-born U.S. and Canadian citizen children age 19 and under should have identification papers in the form of [1]  both an original birth certificate and government issued photo identification OR [2] a Passport.

For students born in the VA-MD-DC area who need to obtain a certified copy of their birth certificate, please contact the Vital Records department by telephone or through their web-site.

Click Here To see link for the U.S Customs and Border Patrol information on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative."U.S. and Canadian citizen children under the age of 16 (or under 19, if traveling with a school, religious group, or other youth group) need only present a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship and photo ID. The birth certificate can be original, photocopy, or certified copy." Note: 

(Note: VA Birth Certificates are now available at the DMV)


(202) 442-9009

Naturalized American citizens should carry documents such as a naturalization certificate to prove U.S. citizenship along with the government issued picture identification.  Alien permanent residents of the United States must carry their Alien Registration Card.

If you are unsure of your status or document requirements, please contact the Canadian embassy and the US Department of State for further information.

Weather Conditions

Temperatures in the winter in Tremblant, Canada will be up to 20 degrees colder than in our area.  Temperatures in January range from 6 degrees to 23 degrees and in February from 8 degrees to 37 degrees.  Snow conditions are common on our trips.

For the latest weather at Tremblant CLICK HERE


Electricity in Canada is the same as in the United States.


Tips are generally not included in restaurants bills.  15% is a normal tip.