Policy Agreement for Students and Parents (Rules of the Trip)

Prior to the trip, parents and students must review and sign the


The Policy Agreement states the rules for the trip and the consequences if broken. Included in the policy agreement are prohibitions on student possession or use of drugs and/or alcohol during the trip.

Students who violate the rules and policies may be expelled from the trip.

To view a copy of the POLICY AGREEMENT:  CLICK HERE

Cancellation Policy and Selling Your Space

Briefly, Ski Travel’s cancellation policy is as follows:

  • We strongly recommend purchase of trip/cancellation insurance.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing. Email: info@skitravel.com  / Mail:  Ski Travel | P.O. Box 1610 | Springfield, VA 22151
  • Cancellations received 60 or more days prior to the trip will result in a refund of all payments except the initial deposit.
  • Cancellations received 30 – 59 days prior to the trip will result in a refund of all payments except the initial deposit and second payment.

Cancellations received less than 30 days before departure are not refundable.

SELLING YOUR SPACE: Up to 14 days before departure, anyone may sell his or her space to another student provided SKI TRAVEL is notified and the student replacing the cancelled student submits a new reservation form. Subject to change.

Selling the space is not the responsibility of Ski Travel.

SKI TRAVEL’S cancellation policy reflects conditions the company must work within. SKI TRAVEL must pay for lodging, ski equipment and transportation in advance of every ski trip and is not entitled to a refund from the ski resort or the bus company in the event our customer cancels.

Policy on Weather Delays

SKI TRAVEL has never cancelled a trip in over 38 years. We think it’s a good thing when it snows on a ski trip!

However, occasionally there is a major snowstorm in our metro area, either just before or during our trip to Canada. This causes concern among parents and guardians of our students who are unsure of the situation. SKI TRAVEL endeavors to keep both our students and their parents informed of any severe weather-related situation. As soon as feasible, we will provide updated information on our website after 8 p.m. on the night prior to our return.

Remember, we travel I-95 and I-87, major interstate highways for the entire trip until the last five miles of the trip when we get off to head to the resort. The roads to the resort are always well-cleared and maintained by experts in winter weather. Our professional charter drivers, too, are experienced in and trained for winter weather conditions.

SKI TRAVEL works with our bus company and the appropriate state agencies (highway patrol, departments of transportation) to ascertain the suitability of conditions to continue our trip. If a major highway route is closed and no alternative roads are available to allow us to progress, we will stop at the nearest rest stop and determine what our next step will be. In the event conditions necessitate that we delay our trip to the next day and we are too far from home, we will make arrangements to have our students lodged at a facility convenient to our location. Students may be expected to pay for any lodging costs necessitated by such action.

Since 1981, we have never had a weather-related condition necessitating an unscheduled lodging while en route to or from Canada.