Remember, SKI TRAVEL’s experience over 39+ years of operation means we’re prepared and ready to take care of any emergency.  Your children are in a well-regarded ski resort and hotel with adult chaperones and travel professionals who have planned for all contingencies. Paramedics, a clinic, emergency vehicles and emergency care are available on-site or nearby.

Procedures in the Event of Injury

Yes, injuries sometimes occur.  In the event a student is injured on the slopes or in the hotel, experienced staff and security staff or ski patrol personnel will be the first to assist.  SKI TRAVEL is notified of any injuries.  Students with minor injuries are treated in the clinic.  Students with more serious injuries are taken to the hospital in the nearby.  SKI TRAVEL maintains rented four-wheel drive vehicles to assist in bringing students to medical care facilities when necessary.  SKI TRAVEL notifies families of injured students by telephone as soon as practical and updates them of any changes in their condition.

The hospital typically requests credit card payment for minor emergency room visits. Receipts are provided for reimbursement by your insurance company.

Payment for Services/Medical Insurance

As a general rule, the medical expense of treating injuries while traveling is covered by your regular family medical insurance but you are expected to pay for the medical expense and submit your medical bills for reimbursement when you return home.  Students treated for injuries in the clinic or nearby hospital are expected to pay for services with a credit card.  If a student does not have a credit card, payment for treatment can be authorized over the phone by parents of the student.  The insurance company should reimburse these expenses when you send in copies of the medical bills. Students should make sure they receive and retain copies of all bills incurred as a result of injuries on the trip.  Expenses incurred at a hospital are usually more extensive and arrangements often are made directly with the insurance company in the United States to handle payment. But some hospital-related expenses including ambulances might have to be paid by credit card and then submitted for reimbursement to your insurance carrier.   Check with your health insurance provider if you are unsure of their travel coverage policy and procedures.

Travel Insurance (Trip cancellation and supplemental medical)

Trip cancellation and travel health insurance is available to SKI TRAVEL customers through Allianz Travel and is highly recommended. This product puts many parents’ minds at ease over concerns of adequate out of the country health insurance coverage and the possibility of a trip cancellation.



*$29 based on Sample Quote on “Essential Plan” student age 16 as of 11/22/2022

You will be presented with a variety of plan options. The lowest cost plan is the Essential Plan above.