Student Reps Promote the trip to friends.

When people sign up you get Discounts, Prizes & A FREE TRIP

Québec City Snow Escape Trip
Regular price $579

The more sign-ups, the cheaper your trip. 16 gets you a Free Trip.
The numbers below indicate the # of sign ups needed

Check the Rep Discounts and Prizes, GO FOR THE FREE TRIP! | Regular price $579

* Reward listed below apply to the REP ONLY

1 sign up or more
Price $529 your discount $50
+ Fairfax Surf-shop T-Shirt*
2 your price $519 discount $60
3 your price $499 discount $70
4 your price $489 discount $80
5 your price $479 discount $100
6 sign ups or more
Price $454
your discount $125

7 your price $429 discount $150
8 your price $409 discount $170
9 your price $374 discount $205
10 your price $339 discount $240
11 sign ups or more
Price $319
your discount $260
12 your price $279 discount $300
13 your price $239 discount $340
14 your price $159 discount $420
15 your price $100 discount $479

16 signs up or more
Your Price is $0. Your discount $579 ★★★ YOUR TRIP IS FREE

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20 signs up or more ★★★YOUR TRIP IS FREE★★★ + FREE $100 CHIPOTLE OR STARBUCKS Gift Card Total Value $ 679

25 signs up or more ★★★YOUR TRIP IS FREE★★★ + FREE New Snowboard & bindings from Fairfax Surf Shop* Total Value $850

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30 sign ups or more
★★★ FREE TRIP ★★★
FREE New Apple iPad = Total Value $908

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*Must be pick-up at FFX Shop

Be a Rep. Spread the word. You Go Free or Cheap + Benefits

  • Reps simply inform their friends and other students about the trip
  • Free Trips, Discounts + Rewards like Chipotle & Starbucks Gift Cards, Free‑Snowboard or Free‑iPad
  • Every person you sign-up, your trip gets cheaper. 16ppl = FREE Trip (See Chart above)
  • Being a Student Rep also looks great on your college application!
  • Note: Sign‑ups are NON‑Transferable
  • Students must list a Rep on their‑registration


Watch Video. Sorry, We know it's Old School but the info is all good.
(Except we use mostly web pages not paper flyers)

  • Each year Ski Travel selects groups of representatives from various High Schools across the DMV area. (Public and Private Schools)
  • Student reps are made up of returning reps from the previous years trips as well students who attended the trip the previous year and wish to be reps.
  • In addition, each year Ski Travel adds several new representatives based on the recommendations of our currents reps and other students.

We are looking for several qualities in a rep,
someone who is:

  • Outgoing and a leader. Self motivated.
  • Well rounded and responsible to represent the trip.
  • Liked and respected by their fellow classmates and the entire school community.

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