Since meals are not included and it is recommended that students bring their ATM, credit card or about $140 U.S. cash (above and beyond their $20 US CASH room deposit and $10 US CASH Tremblant Resort Security Fee)

  • Canadian Money
  • The ATM and / or Credit Card is the safest and most reliable way to receive Canadian Money to purchase food or other items in Canada.  Be advised AMEX gift cards do not work in Canada.
  • Most VISA or MC gift cards also do not work.
  • Please advise your ATM bank or Credit Card company that you will be traveling to Canada during your trip dates.
  • Students can use U.S. money at any merchant in Canada and receive Canadian currency as change but service charges will be part of the exchange rate.  Alternatively, students can get money at a ATM in the resort village.    Generally, for the modest amounts students spend on these trips it’s not worth it to exchange it at a bank in the U.S. because of fixed service fees.   The Canadian dollar is worth more than a U.S. Dollar (currently Sept 2019).
  • Exchange rates vary daily and the actual exchange rate at the time you are visiting Canada could be higher or lower.