This is a question every parent must answer based on his or her child, that child’s friends and previous choices. With SKI TRAVEL they are not traveling alone, but they are taking a step along the way to the responsibility they will face in the months and years to come when they start college. They are not alone, but they are without parental supervision, just as they might be on a weekend evening at home.

We view chaperoning as a partnership between parents and SKI TRAVEL.  Send us good responsible kids and we will work to give them the best ski trip ever, keeping them safe and busy all weekend. Sometimes parents are more worried about other kids, and that is a real concern. We address problems with strict policies and a rule of expelling habitual offenders from the trips. SEE OUR TRIP POLICY AGREEMENT PARENT AND STUDENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED

With regard to the bus transportation parents can trust that their child is being driven by professionals. (no teen driver worries like a weekend back at home)   Students must comply with mandatory check-ins at regular intervals by experienced adult chaperones.  The are staying in a comfortable and wholesome environment focused on learning a life-sport. In many ways, they are safer than they would be on a trip to the local mall with a group of friends provided they make good choices.

Youths of this age tend to stick with peers of their same age and enjoy the chance to feel like they are independent.  They can choose their daily activities, meals and hours. (As long as they comply with the check-ins) The pedestrian village of the resort is secluded unto itself with no nearby urban or even suburban areas.  There are no cars on the road because it is geared toward pedestrians, adding to the safety our kids might never have here in metro-Washington.

Tremblant is a small 100 yard walking village with plenty to offer to allow young people to explore shops, dine with friends and enjoy world-class skiing.  The village is small enough that chaperones, SKI TRAVEL staff and our students are regularly interacting, passing in shops, on the sidewalks and in restaurants. It is a good chance for young people to learn to make good decisions for themselves in a sheltered environment away from many of the concerns we have in the D.C. area.

For the last 25+ years SKI TRAVEL has not enforced a curfew following room check attendance at 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. They are not permitted into any room but their own and must abide by noise restriction after this time. This is enforced by security personnel located on each floor. After the last check-in many students often don’t bother to go out again (due to fatigue from skiing, outdoor temperature, travel etc.)  However, for students who do go out, the village is small) and there’s not much for students to do after hours. Most retire to their rooms to hang out with their roommates or to catch some sleep so they won’t miss the morning attendance (check-in) taken by the chaperones. Time spent sleeping in is time missed on the slopes!