Hotel Stoneham and Old Quebec City winter activities

From the high speed, outdoor toboggan run to walking the historic streets of Old Québec, you will quickly discover there is no other place quite like this winter wonderland!

Toboggan Run 


Crazy fun! Zooming down at speeds of up to 70 miles/hour is quite a rush! A unique attraction in Quebec City. The traditional toboggan run is one of the very oldest attractions in town.  Up to four passengers per toboggan. 

Experience more of Québec City

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Petit Champlain

Walking City

Old Québec is a truly a walking city. Your walk takes you on a journey through time from the 1600's to the present. Incredible Old world charm! From the historic streets to the horse carriages.


A Winter Wonderland

Old Québec, a UNESCO world heritage treasure, is alive with history.

This is your backdrop for some serious fun walking around this amazing city!

Ice Skating

The fabulous Place Dyouville Outdoor skating rink near the historic city walls.  No admission fee. Bring your own skates or skate rental is available onsite. Open until 10pm.

Québec city Carnival

Winter Outdoor Spa

Enjoy the contrast of warm water and icy atmosphere

Hotel Stoneham hot tub

A Walled City

Old Québec is the only walled city north of Mexico. Make sure to take time to visit the walls and the historic gates for some great photo opportunities!

Porte St. Louis and Rue Saint-Louis (Street)

Porte Saint Louis is one of three still standing gates built in 1693. This street is one of the oldest streets in Québec City. Amazing history and shopping with every step.

Québec city Carnival parade

Carnival parade!

Featuring various artistic disciplines interspersed with awe-inspiring roving performances. Circus arts, media arts, a rock show, pyrotechnics. A frozen tribal landscape!

Québec city Funicular

The Funicular

The fascinating Funicular, a small cable car that operates on a track at a very steep incline is the quickest route to the most beautiful historic shopping street in Québec. Just in front of the Chateau Frontenac.

Rue du Petit-Champlain was voted Canada’s most beautiful street for its charm, authenticity, historic cachet and emphasis on local culture.

- 2014, Canadian Institute of Planners




This will be my third year, and every year has been awesome.

 I can't wait until this trip.