Hello, I’m Dan Callahan, director of Ski Travel. Since 1981, we have taken over 125,000 students skiing in Québec every winter, filling a need for safe, chaperoned, youth recreational travel.  Schools typically no longer sponsor ski clubs and ski trips as they did when many of today’s parents were growing up.  Times have changed; outside vendors now organize and run trips and it can be difficult for parents to gauge a tour operator’s reliability without school sponsorship.  I am a father of fourteen children and I can appreciate the need for parents to have a level of comfort with a company to which they’ll entrust their children. At Ski Travel, students are the only customers and our first priority is, and will always be, their safety and security.

  • Beginning in 2017, Ski Travel is privileged to lodge student ski groups at Canada's premier hotels, Chateau Frontenac and Chateau Laurier in Québec City. Ski Travel is also the number one student group tour operator at Mont Tremblant, the East Coast’s premier winter sports location.  We have a reputation there for bringing well-behaved students and a reputation in the D.C.-metro area for running great, safe trips. Because parents and students must agree to our strong policy agreement prohibiting the possession, use or consumption of drugs or alcohol, we start off on the right foot.
  • Increasingly, the children of many of my original customers are coming on my trips. I started this company in 1981 back when I was in high school, and now my older children are accompanying me. Skiing is a life-sport that can bring families together and these trips are often the best chance for students in our area to really learn to ski /snowboard well at a World Class Mountain.
  • We know kids want the chance to have fun learning a winter sport among friends and the opportunity to exhibit a certain level of independence.  We also know parents want safe, chaperoned trips at affordable prices. This is our specialty and why we love this business. Ski Travel, over its years of operation has afforded local students the chance to learn a healthy life-sport while traveling with friends and enjoying first class resort, transportation and accommodations.  The entire staff of Ski Travel is proud of this long record and hope you will entrust your young adults to our care.

Dan Callahan