dan2My name is Dan Callahan, Director of Ski Travel. I established Ski Travel in 1981 to fill the need for safe, chaperoned alternatives to discontinued school sponsored ski clubs and ski trips. Today, Ski Travel takes students from 100 high schools annually to the top destinations in Quebec, Canada during the winter months to ski and snowboard at the premier winter resorts in the eastern half of North America. Since 1981 we have taken over 132,000 students from high schools in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (public and private) on our trips.

As the father of a large family (14 children+8 grandchildren) , I understand the concerns of parents. At Ski Travel, students are our only customers and our first priority is their safety and security. On our trips students enjoy skiing and snowboarding with their friends at magnificent winter resorts in Canada’s beautiful province of Québec. It’s a unique environment for them to relate to each other in a positive way. Thank you for putting your trust with our company.