What’s Included in the Price

  • Luxury Lodging for two nights
  • Roundtrip Bus Transportation
  • 3-Day Lift Ticket

SKI TRAVEL books only luxury lodgings for our travelers.

  • Students stay in luxury accommodations featuring kitchens and fireplaces and are never more than a few steps away from the lifts, the restaurants or the nearby activities.
  • No meals are included, but students have many options available, including preparing simple meals in the equipped kitchens, with groceries from the village convenience store.
  • Nearby are eateries for all budgets.
  • Ski Travel provides students with a discount card to save money at some restaurants and stores.
  • Rentals for skis and snowboards and lessons are extra and should be reserved a minimum of two weeks prior to the trip.
  • Meals are not included in the price and students are advised to take a minimum of $130 with them to pay for meals.
  • BANK ATM and Credit Cards are best. (Please advise your bank or credit card company you will be in Canada)
  • There are charges for optional activities such as the Aqua Source (indoor/outdoor waterpark and hot tubs) - ($12-15 for a pass)  and the village movie theater.

$20 bill (U.S. cash) Refundable Room Security Deposit + $15 (U.S. cash) Non-Refundable Tremblant Security Fee (Collected on Bus).

How Rooms Are Assigned

Rooms at the resort are hotel rooms / condominiums and most include kitchens and a fireplace and are designed to sleep four, six or eight people.  When they register for the trip students are asked to provide names of roommates.  All rooms are assigned on a same sex basis.  To the extent possible, we assign rooms on the basis of student preferences. There is a limit on the number of rooms that accommodate six and eight persons.  Students requesting roommates for these larger size rooms may have to be accommodated in two smaller rooms.  SKI TRAVEL will work with the student representative for the group to ensure the most desirable accommodations for everyone.

If your roommate preference changes after you register please email your new preference to info@skitravel.com 14 Days prior to your trip date PLEASE NOT SOONER.

What to Bring

First, remember we’ll ski as soon as we arrive in Canada, so pack your outdoor apparel on top in your bag for easy access. Students will need proof of identity and citizenship, at least $130 cash and /or a combination of ATM CARD or credit card, labeled prescription medicines, eyewear and warm skiing apparel.

Bring the following items with you the day of the trip:

  • Passport is not required for U.S. Citizens see HERE for required documents
    Documents to prove you are a U.S. Citizen (passport or both an original birth certificate with a raised seal and a government issued picture ID)
  • $20 bill (cash) Refundable Room Security Deposit + $15 (cash) Non-Refundable Tremblant Security Fee (Collected on Bus. And a minimum of $130 US for meals plus additional cash for other purchase
  • Any medicines you may need while away from home
  • Appropriate apparel for the weather including a warm coat, sweater and good shoes for walking around the village
  • Appropriate clothing for skiing or snow boarding, including goggles and gloves.  Bring a bathing suit if you plan to use the water park
  • Pillow, blanket, bottled water, DVD movies for bus and some food to make you bus ride to Canada more comfortable and
  • Most Important! Pack or dress for easy access to your ski clothing as you will be changing to ski or snowboard apparel as soon as we arrive in Canada.  Check-in is not until 4:00 p.m.

Baggage Limit

Space for storage is limited on the bus.  Please adhere to this strict luggage limit per person: one large bag, one small carry-on bag, ski equipment or snowboard.

Travel Time and Rest Stops

Travel time to Tremblant, Canada is approximately 12 hours. In addition, the bus makes at least three stops, twice for short bathroom breaks and once for a meal.  At the halfway point of the trip we stop to pick-up new bus drivers for the rest of the trip.

Arrival at Tremblant: Distribution of Vouchers

The buses arrive at the resort, usually before 7:00 a.m.  The first order of business is to change for skiing then distribute vouchers or tickets purchased by the students.  Every student is given a lift ticket, which allows him or her unlimited access to the mountaintop for two days + 1 day (3 total) at the resort. In addition, students who rented skis or snowboards will be given their vouchers and students taking ski or snowboard lessons will be directed to the site for lessons.  After everyone has received his or her vouchers, the group will exit the bus and begin to change clothing to ski or snowboard.

Check-in Procedures and Security Deposit

Check-in takes place around 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival.  Each student will be provided with a room key and a lock to secure their locker for storing equipment and other valuables.  Students will also be given a damage report form to fill out which lists any damage to the furniture and fixtures in their room at the time they check into the room.  This is very important as prior damage might mistakenly be considered new if the student does not carefully document existing damage at check-in. After check-out (on the bus ride home), the $20 security deposit collected at the beginning of the trip will be returned to students so long as there was no damage to the room or public areas outside the room.

Student Responsibility for Equipment and Personal Items

Students are responsible for all rented equipment and should take measures to ensure that all equipment is properly stored in lockers and secured with the lock provided at check-in.  In addition, students are responsible for their personal belongings. Any valuable items (Iphones, cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) should not be left in luggage on the bus before check in or arrival day. Students should make sure these items are with them or left in a secure place.  Chaperones or staff will be available to assist students who need to store valuables before check-in.

Evening Activities for Students

Skiing and snowboarding activities come to an end at dark (4:00 p.m) each day.  Students have a wide variety of things to do in the evenings in the Village.  There are a number of restaurants in Tremblant Village that handle large groups and students can go to these restaurants in groups of 10 or 12 and be accommodated.  There are nightly activities such as the indoor/outdoor waterpark.  It has a swimming pool and hot tubs as well as a movie theater featuring first run movies in English. There is also usually evening tubing and ice skating (Free with special Ski Travel First Track Pass)

Religious Services


Roman Catholic Mass celebrated on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Christmas, New Year and Easter Masses.
Directly in the Resort. Virtual tour of the chapel

Telephoning Tremblant

Parents can phone their son or daughter at Tremblant any time after check-in on arrival day.  On arrival day, please call after 4:30 p.m. so that all the students will have had sufficient time to get to their room after check-in.  Remember that not all cell phones will work in Canada so please keep the following information if you are relying on contacting your child on his or her cellphone. The contact information for resort guests is as follows:

Les Suites Tremblant
3005 Chemin Principal
Mont-Tremblant (Quebec)
Main Phone # 1-819-681 2000

Give the last and first name of your son or daughter and the operator will connect you with the room.