About Skitravel

No. Compare apples to apples when looking at travel options. Other operators house skiers in motels and hotels a long bus ride from the resort, cutting into time on the slopes and adding inconvenience and more bus time.  Anyone can have a web-site and brochure. We’ve been here in Northern Virginia for since 1981 and our office is in Fairfax office with a full-time professional staff. nearly 120,000 students have traveled with us skiing in Canada. These are students from more than 100 high schools (Private and Public High Schools).  No other company can compare.

No. Since the early 1980’s most schools no longer sponsor ski and snowboard trips for students. Ski Travel was established in 1981 to fill the need for safe, chaperoned alternatives to discontinued school sponsored ski clubs and ski trips. Ski Travel is a private, family owned company specializing in student travel. Today, Ski Travel takes students from 100 high schools annually to Tremblant Quebec, Canada during the winter months to ski and snowboard at the premier winter resort in the eastern half of North America. Since 1981 we have taken nearly 120,000 students from high schools in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (public and private) on our trips.

Yes. Ski Travel is a family-run business, operated by Dan Callahan since 1981. Nearly 120,000 Washington-area teens have been skiing in Canada since he started the company when he was in high school.   Dan is now taking the children of some of his first students on ski trips. Most of Dan’s 14 children have learned to ski or snowboard on the Cananda. His goal is to offer a wholesome winter travel and sport experience for kids like his own.  Call Dan, send him an e-mail, or stop by the office. See Contact Us at the bottom of the page.

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About the Trip

The students depart from the DC or Baltimore Metro after being checked onto the bus by the staff. A few hours later there is a dinner stop.Chaperones establish rapport with students. Bus continues on allowing students to chat, snack, watch videos, nap and plan their weekend. Buses stop (usually near Syracuse, NY) to change bus drivers.  The buses are well-equipped for long trips and students travel in comfort with reclining seats, seat trays and foot rests.

Students arrive at the Canadian border in the early am (approx 3am) present documents for entry and continue usually arrive at the resort 5-6 am.

This is a question every parent must answer based on his or her child, that child’s friends and previous choices. With SKI TRAVEL they are not traveling alone, but they are taking a step along the way to the responsibility they will face in the months and years to come when they start college. They are not alone, but they are without parental supervision, just as they might be on a weekend evening at home.

We view chaperoning as a partnership between parents and SKI TRAVEL.  Send us good responsible kids and we will work to give them the best ski trip ever, keeping them safe and busy all weekend. Sometimes parents are more worried about other kids, and that is a real concern. We address problems with strict policies and a rule of expelling habitual offenders from the trips. SEE OUR TRIP POLICY AGREEMENT PARENT AND STUDENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED

With regard to the bus transportation parents can trust that their child is being driven by professionals. (no teen driver worries like a weekend back at home)   Students must comply with mandatory check-ins at regular intervals by experienced adult chaperones.  The are staying in a comfortable and wholesome environment focused on learning a life-sport. In many ways, they are safer than they would be on a trip to the local mall with a group of friends provided they make good choices.

Youths of this age tend to stick with peers of their same age and enjoy the chance to feel like they are independent.  They can choose their daily activities, meals and hours. (As long as they comply with the check-ins) The pedestrian village of the resort is secluded unto itself with no nearby urban or even suburban areas.  There are no cars on the road because it is geared toward pedestrians, adding to the safety our kids might never have here in metro-Washington.

Tremblant is a small 100 yard walking village with plenty to offer to allow young people to explore shops, dine with friends and enjoy world-class skiing.  The village is small enough that chaperones, SKI TRAVEL staff and our students are regularly interacting, passing in shops, on the sidewalks and in restaurants. It is a good chance for young people to learn to make good decisions for themselves in a sheltered environment away from many of the concerns we have in the D.C. area.

For the last 25+ years SKI TRAVEL has not enforced a curfew following room check attendance at 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. They are not permitted into any room but their own and must abide by noise restriction after this time. This is enforced by security personnel located on each floor. After the last check-in many students often don’t bother to go out again (due to fatigue from skiing, outdoor temperature, travel etc.)  However, for students who do go out, the village is small) and there’s not much for students to do after hours. Most retire to their rooms to hang out with their roommates or to catch some sleep so they won’t miss the morning attendance (check-in) taken by the chaperones. Time spent sleeping in is time missed on the slopes!

For over 20 years our buses have been provide by Gunther Charters.  Buses and drivers are well conditioned to handle US and Canadian winter driving conditions. The buses are ICC regulated and the majority of the trip (until just a few miles from the resort) is on major Interstate Highways in the U.S. and Canada.

On a typical weekend at home, students are often out with friends, with no adult chaperone, being driven by inexperienced teen drivers.  Kids on SKI TRAVEL trips are being driven by trained professionals and chaperoned by adults. The buses in the fleet we use are typically no more than three years old and their drivers have years of experience in all kinds of driving conditions.

2-5 days before the trip you can click on the confirmation link on your email confirmation detailing the location and time of departure.

Typically our trips depart shortly after school, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m., from a shopping center near your school.

SKI TRAVEL’s motor coach provider, Gunther Charters, provides European-style luxury touring buses equipped with restrooms and advanced features so travelers may watch videos, listen to music or comfortably recline on the way to Canada. Their entire fleet is regularly upgraded and always less than three years old.

Bus drivers do change usually in Syracuse, NY. Fresh well rested drivers take over for the drive to the resort.

Very simply, we go there because it’s the best! Tremblant has been voted the best Ski Resort / Lodging / services etc by Ski Magazine readers since 1999.   The best winter sports conditions, the most luxurious lodging for the money, the best overall value, and the greatest chance for an intense 3-day ski experience.

For more detailed info on the Tremblant Resort click here 

Trip includes:

  • Round Trip Transportation, Luxury Eurocoach
  • 3-Day Lift and Gondola Ticket
  • 2-Nights Luxury Slopeside Condo-Fireplace kitchen, living room etc.
  • Nightly Activities
  • Canadian Sun & Snow
  • Exclusive Ski Travel Discount card for restaurants and shops
  • Ski Travel staff to serve you

SKI TRAVEL customers only stay in the resort in luxury lodging. Located in the walking village. The mountain, shops and restaurants are right outside your door. NO Shuttles.

Experienced adult chaperones and SKI TRAVEL professional staff will be on hand to walk students through check in and assist in any way necessary. They are accustomed to helping first-time travelers and completely familiar with the resort.

Check-in time is 4pm.

Room assignment are done 10-14 days prior to the trip date. Students are asked when they sign up to provide a list of roommates. We assign rooms on the basis of student preferences to the extent possible. There is a limit on the number of rooms that accommodate six and eight persons and rooms are only assigned on a single sex basis.

If your roommate preference changes after you register please email us 14 days prior to your trip date (NO SOONER PLEASE)

No, meals are not included and it is recommended that students bring their ATM, credit card or about $140 cash (above and beyond their $20 US CASH room deposit and $10 US CASH Tremblant Resort Security Fee)

The ATM and / or Credit Card is the safest and most reliable way to purchase food or other items in Canada. Please advise your bank that you will be traveling to Canada during your trip dates. Be advised AMEX gift cards do not work in Canada. Most VISA or MC gift cards also do not work.

Ski Travel provides students an exclusive Discount Card for restaurants, shops, etc for the village. The resort features dining in all price ranges, facilities to prepare meals in the condominiums and on site grocery store within the resort.

Yes, they do, and it’s done in an appropriate and professional manner. Once a good rapport is established on the bus and then on the trip, there is a familiarity and working relationship established between chaperones and students. On arrival the trip staff and Director give the students an on bus orientation speech. The students are presented a laminated card with their trip schedule including Mandatory check-in times (Early morning to prepare for skiing, afternoon to make sure students are off the mountain safely and final check-in in the late evening between 10:30-11)  This is for the personal safety of the students and give the staff an opportunity to insure students are having a great trip. All other times the staff is in the condo building, restaurants and mountain along with the students enjoying Mont Tremblant.

Not per say. During the orientation speech / arrival at the resort the Ski Travel staff provides the students with all resort / Ski Travel policies and rules for a safe trip. This is a reminder and supplement to the Policy Agreement Students and Parents have signed for the trip.  Students are given a laminated card with their schedule and mandatory check-in times. In the late evening each night students are not permitted into any other room but their own after evening check-in, usually between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. There is also a noise restriction after that time, enforced by security personnel on all floors. Students are permitted right outside the condo into the village for food and the lobby. Yahoo Pizza is awesome and some stores stay open late on busy weekends.

Please visit our POLICY AGREEMENT (Rules of trip). A parent and student signature is required for student to attend. It is our hope that the parent will carefully review this agreement with the student.

Student Representatives are high school students from local area private and public high schools. These students have usually attended our trips or had a parent, brother or sister attend previously. Student Reps inform friends about the upcoming trip offerings for the season earning discounts. Some of our most successful representatives earn free trips.  They also earn valuable experience in sales and promotion as well as interpersonal communication. Since 1981 Ski Travel has trained thousands or students reps. Most list this accomplishment on their college application. For more information contact SKI TRAVEL to become a student rep.

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Passports are NOT mandatory for students under 19 when traveling in a school group by bus. In place of a passport, students may present their original of his or her birth certificate along with a current gov’t issued photo ID.

When Arriving to Canada by Bus you need:
  • An Original Birth Certificate and Government Issued Photo ID


  • Valid U.S. Passport

Please click the link to be connected to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection
website for details:




“Beginning June 1, 2009, U.S. and Canadian citizen children under age 19 arriving by land or sea from contiguous territory and traveling with a school group, religious group, social or cultural organization, or sports team, may also present an original of his or her birth certificate, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, a Naturalization Certificate, or a Canadian Citizenship Card.”

When Arriving to Canada by Air / Plane you need:
  • A Valid U.S. Passport is required for arrival by plane.
Obtaining A Birth Certificate:

For students born in the VA-MD-DC area who need to obtain a certified copy of their birth certificate, please contact the Vital Records department by telephone or through their web-site.

Virginia: 1-800-662-6200
Maryland: 1-800-832-3277
DC: (202) 442-9009

Naturalized American citizens should carry documents such as a naturalization certificate to prove U.S. citizenship along with the government issued picture identification.  Alien permanent residents of the United States must carry their Alien Registration Card.

If you are unsure of your status or document requirements, please contact the Canadian embassy and the US Department of State for further information.

  • The Canadian Embassy can be contacted at: (202) 682-1740
  • The US State Department can be contacted at: (202) 647-4000

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Money and Exchange Rate

It is recommended that students bring their ATM, credit card or about $140 cash (above and beyond their $20 US CASH room deposit and $10 US CASH Tremblant Resort Security Fee)

The ATM and / or Credit Card is the safest and most reliable way to purchase food or other items in Canada. Please advise your bank that you will be traveling to Canada during your trip dates. Be advised AMEX gift cards do not work in Canada. Most VISA or MC gift cards also do not work.

Ski Travel provides students an exclusive Discount Card for restaurants, shops, etc for the village. The resort features dining in all price ranges, facilities to prepare meals in the condominiums and on site grocery store within the resort.

Since meals are not included and it is recommended that students bring their ATM, credit card or about $140 U.S. cash (above and beyond their $20 US CASH room deposit and $10 US CASH Tremblant Resort Security Fee)

Canadian Money

The ATM and / or Credit Card is the safest and most reliable way to receive Canadian Money to purchase food or other items in Canada.  Be advised AMEX gift cards do not work in Canada. Most VISA or MC gift cards also do not work.

Please advise your ATM bank or Credit Card company that you will be traveling to Canada during your trip dates.

Ski Travel provides students an exclusive Discount Card for restaurants, shops, etc for the village. The resort features dining in all price ranges, facilities to prepare meals in the condominiums and on site grocery store within the resort.

Students can use U.S. money at any merchant in Mont Tremblant and receive Canadian currency as change but service charges will be part of the exchange rate.  Alternatively, students can get money at a ATM in the resort village.    Generally, for the modest amounts students spend on these trips it’s not worth it to exchange it at a bank in the U.S. because of fixed service fees.   The Canadian dollar is worth more than a U.S. Dollar (currently Sept 2016).    Exchange rates vary daily and the actual exchange rate at the time you are visiting Tremblant could be higher or lower.

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What to bring

  • Pack layers and prepare for very cold weather. Pack your suitcase for easy access to change into ski / snowboard gear on arrival in the early AM.
  • A warm coat, hat, gloves, ski pants, goggles and extra pairs of socks. Do not underestimate the temperatures in the Canadian mountains!
  • Remember comfort items for the bus trip, like a pillow and bottled water or snacks.
  • Bring a bathing suit if you plan to use the water parks.
  • Don’t forget to bring any prescription medications, properly labeled.
  • No coolers or large boxes of food.

Each person may take:

  • (1) large bag (Suitcase or Duffel for under bus)
  • (1) small carry-on bag (IE: Backpack) for top of bus.
  • Ski or Snowboard equipment. (If not Renting)
  • Space is limited on the bus and we must enforce this.
  • Plan your packing to allow easy access to ski apparel on arrival when students will change clothes and start skiing or snowboarding.

SKI TRAVEL recommends renting ski and snowboard equipment (ON your reservation form)  Rental includes: Skis, boots, poles and helmet OR Snowboard , bindings, boots and helmet.

  • You can order rental equipment on your original reservation or add as an option later for pick-up at the resort directly through Ski Travel.
  • CLICK HERE TO ADD Ski OR Snowboard Rental

At the resort you will have the chance to fix / exchange any equipment due to fitting /size or mechanical problems. If you rent back home, you might have to pay for repairs on your (home) rented equipment  It is an optional service available when you you make your trip reservations online.

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Other information

Temperatures in the winter in Tremblant, Canada will be up to 20 degrees colder than in our area.  Temperatures in January range from 6-23 degrees (F) and in February from 8-37 (F) degrees.

Snow conditions are common on our trips. Pack appropriately!


The resort’s operators can take calls for guests on our trips after check in on the arrival day, usually by 4:30 p.m. and all weekend.

The phone number is 1-819-681-2000.

Yes.  SKI TRAVEL has a 24-hour local emergency answering service that can help with communication during a family emergency.

Contact: Ski Travel office 703-425-5400

-When greeting begins

-Press 9 for Emergency

-24-hr Emergency Answering Service

Or you can call the resort main number and ask for Ski Travel Group during the trip.


Yes. Most cell phones work at the resort.

Two important points:

  • Go online to your carrier’s website (ATT, Verizon, T Mobile etc).
  • Your carrier will offer a very reasonable optional plan for  international (Canada) calling and texting.
  • We highly recommend adding a plan if you expect to use your phone while in Canada. These days the plans re very reasonable.
  • Snow on a ski trip is a good thing!  We’ve never cancelled a trip since 1981. (we have departed early or delayed departure)
  • We travel the U.S. /Canada on Interstate Highways until the last five miles before the resort.  (Upstate U.S. and Canadians know how to manage snowy roads)
  • Safety is our top priority and decisions are made in conjunction with local safety authorities and our tour bus operator.

After 8:00pm the day of departure from the resort updated info concerning departure/ arrival info will be available at the confirmation link.

skitravel.com/hsconfirmation or on the home page skitravel.info

Policy on Weather Delays

SKI TRAVEL has never cancelled a trip in over 30 years. We think it’s a good thing when it snows on a ski trip!

However, occasionally there is a major snowstorm in our metro area, either just before or during our trip to Canada. This causes concern among parents and guardians of our students who are unsure of the situation. SKI TRAVEL endeavors to keep both our students and their parents informed of any severe weather-related situation. As soon as feasible, we will provide updated information on our website after 8 p.m. on the night prior to our return.

Remember, we travel I-95 and I-87, major interstate highways for the entire trip until the last five miles of the trip when we get off to head to the resort. The roads to the resort are always well-cleared and maintained by experts in winter weather. Our professional charter drivers, too, are experienced in and trained for winter weather conditions.

SKI TRAVEL works with our bus company and the appropriate state agencies (highway patrol, departments of transportation) to ascertain the suitability of conditions to continue our trip. If a major highway route is closed and no alternative roads are available to allow us to progress, we will stop at the nearest rest stop and determine what our next step will be. In the event conditions necessitate that we delay our trip to the next day and we are too far from home, we will make arrangements to have our students lodged at a facility convenient to our location. Students may be expected to pay for any lodging costs necessitated by such action.

Since 1981, we have never had a weather-related condition necessitating an unscheduled lodging while en route to or from Canada.


Cancellations must be made in writing. The date we receive is the date of cancellation:

Email Cancellations To: info@skitravel.com   Mail: Ski Travel| P.O. Box 1610 | Springfield, VA 22121

Cancellations received 60 or more days in advance of the trip will result in a refund of all payments except the initial deposit.

Cancellations received 30 to 59 days before the trip will result in a refund less the deposit and second payment.

Cancellations received less than 30 days before trip departure there are no refunds. However you may sell your space to another student:

Selling your space: Up to 14 days ahead of departure anyone may sell his or her space to another student provided SKI TRAVEL is notified and the replacement student submits a new reservation form at least 14 days in advance of departure. Subject to change. Selling a space is not the responsibility of Ski Travel

Saint-Bernard Chapel (In the Tremblant Village)

Roman Catholic Mass celebrated on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Christmas, New Year and Easter Masses.
Directly in the Resort. Virtual tour of the chapel

Église Saint-Jovite

Downtown Mont-Tremblant, 12 km out of the Resort.
Roman Catholic mass celebrated on Saturdays at 5 p.m. and Sundays at 11 a.m.


Yes, it’s very common today for travelers to purchase trip cancellation insurance. This protects you due to last minute illness or unforeseen events. See link below for details. Medical Coverage is also available.

SKI TRAVEL customers may purchase trip cancellation insurance through:

Allianz Travel Insurance (Click on link to purchase)

In order to apply policy to our trip select SKITRAVEL/JMJTOURS as your travel supplier online

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